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"In business you are dressing to have an impact on your bosses and teammates.
If your clothes don't convey the message that you are competent, able, ambitious,
self-confident, reliable and authoritative, nothing you say or do will
overcome the negative signals emanating from your apparel."

Betty Harragan (Author - Games Mother Never Taught You)

Men's styling

Colour Analysis will reveal your most flattering colour combinations which will also convey the right message at work.
Outside of work, colour analysis will show you the best colours to wear which will enhance your natural colouring.
You will feel more confident because you know you look good.
 A colour swatch is included to help you when shopping.

For Wardrobe Management we will discuss what you would like to achieve in your lifestyle look. We will then separate your wardrobe in to categories which achieve this look, could achieve this look if teamed with other items and those that do not. We will show you how to team your clothes together to achieve different looks and we will advise you of items which are missing from your wardrobe.

Personal Stylist Consultation will look at your face shape, body shape, proportion and scale as well as personal and professional style preferences in order to assess the best style for you.
Depending upon your lifestyle needs, we will advise you on choosing business suits, shirts and ties, business casual jackets, trousers and shirts, smart casual and casual attire.
We will also advise you on frames, accessories and necklines.

Do you find clothes shopping daunting? A Personal Shopper will find the clothes that suit you and your lifestyle, keeping in the budget set. We will research the shops beforehand so less time is wasted. This will ensure you do not settle for second best because you do not have the patience or time to look around.

Weekend and evening appointments available.

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